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I'm often asked by new writers and even not-so-new writers how to go about getting published, how to find an agent, how to improve their writing skills or even how to structure their novels and non-fiction. Having taught creative writing workshops and courses, sometimes up to thirty people at a time, I have come to believe that a detailed, sustained, one-to-one system of teaching might serve writers best.

Writing and reading go together, so to work with writers you have to be prepared to read what they have written and give constructive feedback. Even with large numbers of undergraduate students itís something I have always tried to manage, because it is the fastest way to help them improve. Yet most creative writing workshops are compressed into a couple of hours or an afternoon, and tutors rarely offer participants feedback on their work.

From January 2012 I will offer one-to-one tuition and mentoring to a limited number of writers. A monthly tutorial tailored to the needs of each writer will allow time to write and revise, and in addition I will read the work and offer comment and guidance. As I live in Adelaide, South Australia, those seeking tutoring must be based locally, although a combination of email and Skype may be possible in the near future.

To find out more, go to my tuition page by clicking here, or email
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