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31 st October 2016

A thoughtful review of Quiet City, written by Nicolette Stasko, appears in the current issue of Southerly, on pages 211-217. Here are some excerpts.

'Part personal reflection, part speculative fiction, Quiet City is also history and biography, made up of many short sections and lyrical observations. Fortunately for readers, small publishers like Wakefield Press continue to publish these weird and wonderful hybrids. Similar to W.G. Sebald's Rings of Saturn (described in The Guardian as a 'strange and moving work') Carol Lefevre's narrative is also built on spatial elements -- in this case the cemetery grounds itself.'

'This is an incredibly rich book and it is difficult to give an account of all that it contains. It is to Lefevre's credit that she has imbued it with respect and gravity. More so that it is entertaining and in spite of the subject matter, generally a pleasure to read.'

Southerly Journal

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