18th May 2007

Some days are so special, you know you will remember them for ever. To mark the UK publication of Nights In The Asylum the lovely people at Picador sent flowers, and as I took a twirl up the hall I could not have been happier. Bless them for their thoughtfulness, and for working so hard to make this book the lovely object that it is.

After months of editing, interspersed with quiet progress on the next novel, the writing life has entered what seems by comparison a roller-coaster phase, with the launch of Nights In The Asylum here in Adelaide, as well as an invitation to participate in Sydney Writers' Festival, which I was thrilled to accept. Details of my sessions are:

Event 144
Friday, June 1, 1pm-2pm. BM
Mothers and Daughters

All women writers are daughters, and many of them are mothers. Emily Ballou, Jane Messer, and Carol Lefevre discuss the emotional bonds between daughters and mothers in their works.

Event 280
Sunday, June 3, 11.30am-12.30pm. CI
Cockatoo Island - Stories of Flight

Once a convict prison and the biggest shipyard in Australia, Cockatoo Island combines the gritty legacy of a colourful history and spectacular harbour views. Jane Messer, Carol Lefevre and Elizabeth Stead have all written stories of flight and seeking asylum and this is the perfect setting in which to hear them discussed. Supported by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. Cost $15/$12. Bookings Phone (09) 9250 1988.