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6th January 2019

10th April 2019 - updated

It was wonderfully uplifting, as the old year drew to a close, to receive a cluster of positive reviews. In November The Happiness Glass was Pick of the Week in The Age, and Cameron Woodhead wrote this generous book review.

'It is no surprise that Amy Witting is one of Lefevre's literary heroes, and Lily's voice possesses a steely wit, intellectual curiosity and emotional intelligence fans of Witting will be struck by. It's a book limned and enriched by feminist thought, probing how women must run rings around literature (and often life) to write themselves into it.'
The Age, November 2018

The Happiness Glass also crept into the Books of the Year list in The Australian, picked by writer and academic Jill Burton, alongside books by a raft of wonderful writers. Burton wrote:

'Lefevre delicately, hauntingly, blends fiction and essay in an interrogation of learning, loss and love.'
The Weekend Australian, 22-23 December 2018

Other reviewers were universally generous in praising The Happiness Glass.

'With seamless skill, Lefevre blurs boundaries between memoir and fiction. Her poetic prose is infused with melancholic beauty, and she writes of home, of belonging and of memories lost — and of what it is to be a woman in a patriarchal world.'
Katherine Arguile, Indaily Arts and Culture Dec 2018

In the online journal Backstory, Angela Wauchop has written a long review, of which this is an extract:

'The Happiness Glass is one-of-a-kind, with its part memoir, part fiction structure. Yet no section of this insightful and heart-breaking book does not resound with a deep truth, and the air of greatly-moving accuracy.'

You can read the full review by following the link: www.backstoryjournal.com.au

The Happiness Glass is published by Spinifex Press.