Silver Moth - book cover


The Silver Moth was published on 23rd of September 2022 after many years in the making. It is an authorised sequel to Elizabeth Goudge's classic children's book The Little White Horse, a favourite of my own childhood, and I am thrilled to have been given permission to write it.

Readers familiar with the original will recognise the magical setting of Moonacre. This time the manor house, empty for many years and a bit rundown, is no less enchanting, as an elderly Maria Merryweather arrives with her granddaughter, Rose, to escape the bombs falling on London during the First World War. Rose soon settles in, and with the help of a host of kindred spirits, both animal and human, sets about re-negotiating peace with the ever troublesome de Noir clan, and solving the mystery surrounding the Silver Moth aeroplane.

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