Photograph of Carol in the 1960's


The mid to late sixties was rich with pattern, kaleidoscopic, powered by a driving soundtrack of songs by Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and others. I was born into a musical family, and in my own small way added to the cacophony, singing in bands, releasing a single that played on Australian radios. In the Summer of Love I was a flower child in bud - just a little too young to head off to India or San Francisco.

The Australian

photograph of Carol in the 1960's

This photograph appeared on the back page of The Australian daily newpaper. I have no idea how the release of a pop song came to be considered newsworthy, but it was great publicity.

Tie Dye Days

There was a lot of tie dye about in the sixties, most of if muddy-looking, but my mother was a talented designer and devised a method of producing vivid, permanent colours. The whole family pitched in to help produce hundreds of yards of fabric. I did everything from tying rubber bands to modelling finished garments.

The Seekers

photograph of a 45 RPM single record from the 1960's

Early in the sixties, my father briefly founded his own record label, GAS, and a couple of early recordings featured backing singers with a distinctive sound. The Seekers signed a single for me before they departed for the UK, where the rest, as they say, became history.

Flower Power

In about 1969 the photographer Ian Carter asked me to model for a series of early morning photographs.

Shot in a Sydney park, I always seemed to be holding flowers. Some of these images appeared in Australian Photographic a few years later under the title The Artist And The Woman.